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Varsity Jacket History

The varsity jacket is a long standing American cultural institution. It originated at Harvard in 1865, when the jackets were awarded to the university’s elite athletes. Varsity jackets have since then become marks of achievement in sports such as basketball, American football and baseball for young, aspiring sportsmen and women across America.

With the global explosion of interest in American fashion and culture, in recent decades varsity garments have become popular fashion items for young people all over the globe, worn by people from all walks of life.

The term ‘letterman’ originated from the practice of stitching an embroidered letter (often the college or university’s initials) onto an athlete’s clothing once they have achieved a certain level of sporting excellence. The letterman jacket was borne out of this tradition, and became the most common garment onto which the letter was sewn.

Originally intended exclusively for the finest athletes attending America’s top educational institutions, over the years the criteria for being awarded a varsity garment has become less stringent, to the point that it is now common for non-athletes to be seen wearing them. This has not diminished the pride of wearing one’s personal letterman jacket, however, as high schools, colleges and universities still award unique, exclusive letterman jackets to their most successful students, which are easily distinguished from the more common varsity garments which are worn purely for fashion.

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